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Po’Bird: A wingless determined to fly.


Po’Bird is a children’s book with 24 full color illustrations. When Po’Bird gets lost and cannot fly home, he becomes the most determined little bird you can imagine. Though his heart’s desire is to somehow get wings and fly home, life has other plans for him. He misadventures his way through a carnival of strange creatures, a cow that dances on squishy balls, a city where he finds a friend; a girl who takes him on skateboard rides and frequents a slice of rubber cake to watch sunsets. Every adventure has the promise of returning him to his roots as a normal bird with wings—yet falls short one way or another. Finally, he finds himself home with a capital ‘H’ in the most unexpected way. This book is for children ages 4 and up. But the universal theme—handicap and resourcefulness—relates to all ages.

Bragging Bantering Bawling is now available in Print and Kindle at AMAZON

Eighteen short stories that Brag, Banter and Bawl! Divorce, dogs, diets, dreams and disasters. A woman on a train meets a fascinating painter with ALS, but takes more interest in the life of a suburban woman she characterizes as Maggie. Max escapes a stressful career and broken relationship but can’t escape a fat, drunk, narcoleptic intruder in his home who won’t leave. Curious about the perfect PMS diet? One woman has the cure. And, Lucie falls in love with a horse whisperer in New Mexico, but can she handle it? Ella is on the right track as she relocates her elderly dog to rural Oregon but is caught off guard by life’s undertow when they arrive. These characters are all on the edge of change, but go about it in all the wrong ways.






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